We Buy Houses

PatMat Property Solutions’ We Buy Houses scheme is an opportunity for property owners who require a quick and hassle free way to sell their home without paying any fees or commissions. We tailor the contract specifically to your situation.

  • We can buy your house even when the open market wouldn’t.
  • We can pay your mortgage, repay your arrears or repair your house.
  • We can settle quickly with a cash offer or we can delay the settlement for up to a number of years if that’s better in your situation.

Who should contact PatMat Property Solutions?

Contact us if you would like to sell your house quickly without paying the massive real estate agents’ commission or you are in a situation where the real estate agents can’t help you.

  • Sell quickly without having to pay agent’s commission?
  • Need a hassle-free deal?
  • Low or no equity in the property?
  • Facing a mortgagee sale?
  • Behind with mortgage repayments or rates?
  • Settling a divorce or selling a deceased estate?
  • Mortgage higher than what your property is worth?
  • Vacant or damaged rental property?
  • No money for urgent repairs?
  • Fixed term mortgage and need to sell?
  • Bought a new home and struggle to sell the existing one?

In these situations we may:

  • quickly settle without charging any real estate agents’ fees or commission. We may even agree to pay your solicitor’s fees if your finances are really tight.
  • offer you your price regardless of what the property is worth now and work with you over a period of time towards settlement, even if your property has a lower value than what your mortgage balance is.
  • give you an unconditional purchase offer for peace of mind when moving to your new home while still allowing you search for a better offer for a few more months.
  • lease your rental property and become your tenants ensuring full occupancy 52 weeks a year.
  • work with you to find a mutually beneficial way out of your property troubles.

There are many reasons why some properties can’t be sold the traditional way through agents. We are private buyers with a wide range of solutions to help you with your property problem. Call us today for a no obligation consultation and see how we can help you.

Who are we?

We are private property investors. We buy and sell properties, renovate houses, lease and rent properties, run rent to buy homes, etc.

We are not real estate agents! Agents don’t buy the properties, instead their job is to find a buyer for the seller’s property. Fair enough, however in PatMat Property Solutions in most cases we buy the houses ourselves.

We are private buyers and we don’t charge any fees or commissions.

Is it legal?

Absolutely. You have every right to sell your property in a private sale and no law requires you to engage a real estate agent. When we give you a written offer (contract) to purchase your house you hand the contract to a solicitor (lawyer) of your choice to perform the legal transfer of the property. Your lawyer will not let the sale proceed if anything in the contract is illegal or disadvantageous to you. You are the most welcome to consult every step in the process with a solicitor or any other trusted advisor of your choice.

Our commitment

We always aim for a win-win outcome for all involved parties. If we can’t achieve that we won’t do the deal!